Isaiah Gomez 

My story

My Shadow box represents a short story of my life. It includes topics like my life goal, my favorite rapper, people in my family and my friends. Also, the plane idea is a concept that the hatters will bring me down but I will keep on soaring. In addition, the Cherokee symbol represent my Native blood. The Oakland tree represents where I grew up. To continue, the Mexican flag represents the other half of my blood. I put Micheal Jordan in my box because he is the only person that I look up to and we have the same birthday. The hand picking up the person from the group of people shows how I stand out and how I’m independent.


  1. Christopher 11 months ago

    Dear Isaiah,
    I really enjoyed looking through your Shadow Box and reading/learning more about you. From hearing about your bloodline, favorite rapper and even your life goals. Reading the part about how you’ll stand up to any challenge and do what it takes to overcome it, was really inspiring. I hope that you continue to walk life with this in mind and strive ever so much closer to perfection. It takes a lot for people to put themselves out there and talk about where they’re from and what makes them, them. I loved going through your shadow box, I appreciate you for putting yourself out there.

    Christopher Tan

  2. Ashley Romero Garibay 11 months ago

    Dear Isaiah,
    I enjoyed reading about your cultural background and where you grew up. Knowing your native and hispanic roots is so important. Also its so cool that you have the same birthdate as Micheal Jordan! You mentioned that this shadow box is a short story about your life and your future life goals, what are they? I also enjoyed reading about how independent you are, I could relate to this. Due to so many life experiences I also consider myself to be independent and it was nice to find that similarity in your shadow box. You mentioned that the concept of your shadow box was “the plane idea is a concept that the hatters will bring me down but I will keep on soaring.” This is a very great concept to have. No matter the obstacles you continue to motivate yourself and not get discouraged. This is something very powerful and I appreciated reading it. Your shadow box was a nice summary of your life and I enjoyed reading it.
    – Ashley Romero Garibay

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