Story of me 

By:Emily Rangel

 The objects in this shadow box represent who I truly am; my counter narrative. When people look at me, they see a short, brown skin girl with black hair. Many people assume that I don’t like studying or always skip school. But actually I see myself as a cisgender young woman, with educational talent; I am a diligent girl. My religion, being Catholic, is a great part of who I am, it represents me and makes me be a better person. I have chosen to include the Mexican flag because I am proud of being Chicana it makes me feel strong. I was born in the United States but I don’t really feel proud of it, especially with our president now. This is why you can’t see an American flag in my box. All of this is my counter narrative of what people believe or say about me. 

  1. Jamie 2 months ago

    Dear Emily,
    Hi, my name is Jamie Buchman and I’m a freshman at San Jose State University. I really loved your Shadow Box as well as the description that you add to it. I thought the detail you provided in both your Shadowbox and the description of yourself was genuine. It was really amazing that you were very honest and open about how you see yourself and I loved the personal touches you added to your box that shows who you are. When you said, “I see myself as…” I thought that was really cool because you do not listen to the assumptions that people make about you and instead you listen to your own voice and self which is inspiring. Thank you for sharing this part of yourself!

  2. bianca 7 months ago

    Dear Emily,

    Hi I’m Bianca and I’m a student at San Jose State. When reading your shadow box I really enjoyed how you described yourself and got into detail about how you see yourself compared to others. I also like that you incorporate the Mexican flag a few ways in your box to show how proud you are of your culture.

  3. Denisse 7 months ago

    Hey Emily,
    I am Denisse, an 18 year old attending the university of San Jose. I enjoyed reading and viewing your Shadow box, its really. nice the things that you included in your shadow box and got deep into who you are. I enjoyed your box because it reflect on Mexican culture, which I come from too. I really liked the card of the Valiente from the Loteria, I love playing that game with my family! I completely agree with you, on they was you view America. I am also not happy at all with the president that represents America. I wouldn’t put a flag from the U.S either. I noticed some dominant narratives, that you talked about that also relate to me. Don’t let that affect you look at the positive things and don’t pay so much attention to the dominant narratives.

  4. Armando 7 months ago

    Dear Emily, I am Grateful about your story because it really shows about how you feel and your thoughts about yourself as well as others. A sentence that stands out is the fact that you were born in the united states but you don’t feel like that based on the president. Another thing is that being proud of who you are as you say of being chicana is one of the most important things about yourself and that is how you should be, proud.

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