Artist Statement

This Shadow Box represents my counter narratives. One of my identities is being Guatemalan.  I am a proud Guatemalan and want others to talk about and learn about Guatemala. My country experiences  erasure by the other countries because Guatemala is so small and for some reason not worth talking about that often. I want people to know what my culture is and what we do so they can appreciate and love what we do. My other identity is being a female. And being a female gets oppressed by people who think we are weak and vulnerable just because we are “different” than men. But I want to show that we aren’t too weak as we seem. And how we are just like them able to control our lives by not depending on men and taking care of serious stuff. By showing we are strong and can get through everything as they do. My other identity is being the youngest sibling, this identity brings me problems because everybody just sees me as “…. younger sister” and I feel like I have to make myself be seen because I don’t want to be seen as that identity.

  1. Jennifer 3 months ago

    Dear Ashley, I am a student from San Jose State and would like to say that your shadow box is beautiful! I really like how you brought light to the topic of females. Females are always seen as less than men but I’m glad you made it clear that women aren’t weak. I love how you said “we are just like them able to control our lives by not depending on men and taking care of serious stuff.” This is something more people have to start understanding and reading that makes me happy because you are doing your part to put an end to it. I really enjoyed seeing your shadow box and learning more about your identity.

  2. Diana Hernandez 8 months ago

    Hi, I am a student from San Jose State University and I just want to start by saying your shadow box is beautiful and interesting. I like you included the female sex symbol, small pots, and the fabric. One thing that caught my attention was your mindset and way of thinking on women’s empowerment. You demonstrate how independent you are as a young female and I can relate to you on feeling like your true identity can’t be seen. I’m the middle child of my family so I feel like I have to follow my older siblings’ footsteps to set a good example for the younger ones.

  3. Areli 8 months ago

    Dear ashley I like how you decorated the shadow box by using things that represent you and by how you say your identity that is being guatemalan and proud.

  4. Lesly 8 months ago

    Hi, I’m a student from San Jose State first if all I just want to say I like how you decorated your shadow box using objects that represent your culture that indicated that you are really appreciative. Second of all I like how you mention three type of identies how they impact you as a person your third identity of being a younger sister caught my attention the most for the reason you are trying strive away from it.

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