My True Self

By: Johana Aviles

This shadow box represents my own identity, and my true self. The objects in my shadow box represent my assigned identities. When people look at me,they see a young girl with black hair, is 5’1 and has brown eyes. Many people may assume that because I am  Latina I’m automatically an Immigrant. I see myself as a young female who is able to pursue anything that comes to my mind. In my shadow box I have chosen to include a wall to represent were I came from, to represent what my parents had to go through so I could be standing right here. I’ve also chosen to include clouds, they represent who I am. The clouds represent metaphors of my life, they represent how I have become. The clouds represents my life, when they are cloudy they rain, like when I am sad I cry when they sky is sunny they don’t appear at all, like when I am having a good day , and finally they are always there no matter what, even if we cant see them in some part of the world they are big and high in the sky. I’ve also chosen to include foods and snacks from my different cultures. They represent a little from where I have come from, and what my life is a little like regarding foods and snacks. On the back side I choose to put black tape and a plethora of images of my Dominant narratives. They represent what others may assume of me if they aren’t already believing these things. On the inside  I’ve also chosen to put images of myself, friends, and family. The reason that i’ve also chosen friends is that I see them as family to me because they’ve been here for me whenever we need them. Many people believe that because I am Hispanic I have to have a religious belief, which is not the case. I’ve chosen to add a cross on the inside of my box because it represents the fact that I don’t believe in any religion. While many of these objects represent the fact that I’ve had to work twice as hard as for someone else they still represent who I really am and who I choose to be.


CC BY-SA 4.0 Artist Statement by Johana is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


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