Hello readers,

I am no longer a youth, but currently I am facing matters that many of you have either come across or are dealing with at the very moment. The subject matter that I was interested in venting is regarding tuition/costs pertaining to.

My purpose for this message is to feel lighter due to having my concern put out into the universe. As a consequence the “right” voice might carry this message and land it where it might make a difference.

Little background: I am an immigrant from the sub-continent of India. I came here around the time when I was in sixth grade. I had wanted to get into aeronautical engineering following H.S. but due to lack of funds and my inability to apply for federal loans lead to a degree in Psychology from a Community College(not attempting to discredit the school or my degree w/my tone). I had selected that path based on course availability between majors that would ensure the least number of semesters to graduation..

I have my fair share of negative emotions related to my decisions being influenced primarily due to my status in this country as an immigrant. I will not highlight those as an attempt to gain empathy, but I will try to focus on certain details that overlap between me and a native of this country.

More and more are people are enrolled into colleges than ever before.  Seems like a blanket statement that could very well be supported by many silly articles out there with stats that are far from reality. But as a person who has been using the facilities provided by their alma mater(library/cafe spaces), I can say that these same buildings 3 years ago were not nearly as packed as they are today…fyi I had taken into consideration the concept of the time, day, and sessions when making this comment.

How is this related to the argument one might ask, given that my argument itself isn’t very clear as of yet. I feel that due to the standards of society being raised up and up, like inflation. The idea of education, something that is an essential for human development not a luxury good, is now treated like a business opportunity. Community colleges that were once known as a resource for those that aren’t as wealthy have turned into a primary means of gaining an undergrad degree due to simply logic(I speculate)…Sounds good so far, but as a consequence of this realization somehow the departments within these institutes have somewhat evolved with the times….

Where we would have professors that were major advocates of buying used books have transitioned into making mandatory texts(multiple in many cases) for courses ranging from 100 level to 300+. How am I aware of these details, I was involved in my first cousin’s whole process of enrollment, along with assisting her in getting assimilated with the concept time manage(crucial skill to have refined if gpa is a concern). Also, my wife is in the process of transitioning into her graduate program. Therefore, I am aware of many of such changes that schools are implementing to due the flux of students….

One might argue that I am just another pissed individual who doesn’t understand the concept of inflation, and therefore upset about not having financial stability. That might be the truth but I was in school once not too long ago, and in my time the same courses and didn’t require as many text books as required. If there were many texts for a course, my professors we kind enough to allow older versions and often times provided links on the web that would allow the less fortunate to be able to do the tasks needed. Nowadays, your best case scenario is the mandate to buy an online code for the required text, so that you can at the very least submit the assignments required…

Excuse me, if my grammer or use of language is improper as english is not my first language and also I am quite emotional as I’m writing this because my credit score is not doing as well as it should due to all the debt-tranfers and new accounts I’m opening yearly to acquire x-months of 0 interest, all due to school related costs…I hope that someday I can have my American dream of buying a home with people that I love inside of it. But as I age and my partner does as well, with such costs pilling-up the window to attain these things without biological complications are getting slimmer by the day… as we had made the decision to post-pond such commitments(having a child/mortgage) to avoid from making an irresponsible financial decision…

I think my story isn’t too different relative to the natives (when compared to the majority not affluent). I hope the approach to funding education in this country changes. That way we the people can focus on better matters, such as innovation for the every growing population and the lack of resources to facilitate this reality.





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