The goal of the project was to carry out a successful petition for The Related Companies to apply bird-repellent measures to Time Warner Center such as dotted windows, bird distress calls or repelling monitors in an attempt to halt bird collisions in the area. Our project was not successful.

Our blog failed to gain any significant traction on the internet. Our most popular post, Ononto’s video, had a measly 8 views which I believe are all attributed to his comedic thumbnail (I don’t know if anyone has actually viewed the video after clicking the post). While in total we got a decent at best number of weekly views, it was nothing special. The posts in which we invested the most time and effort barely got any views – although Ononto’s video was somewhat successful, me and Ashton’s 4-minute presentation failed to get any views at all and was removed from Reddit.

We didn’t get enough signatures or constructive comments on our petition. Although the petition had a great start, it slowed down, and we ended up accumulating a measly 39 signatures out of our goal of 100. Furthermore, none of our comments were helpful or gave us a good public image. All of our comments were jokes from r/BruhMoment users, such as “bruh” or “them birds be smocking that nut pack y’all’s” showing that a lot of our supporters didn’t take us seriously.

Our blog received very little views, our hardest work bore no fruit, our petition was treated as a joke and it failed to get over the halfway mark of signatures. All of these factors combine to paint the picture of a decrepit mission that had potential but eventually got nowhere. Although our project had a good head-start, it slowed down and lost all its momentum.

We should have focused more on Instagram outreach. Although I’m not familiar with it, Ononto is, and his TWC account actually got 170 followers. We just needed to find the way to connect it to our blog – although the posts were viewed and liked often, they didn’t take many people to the blog/petition. If we invested more time and effort in figuring that out, our project could have been more successful.

  1. Jonathan 6 months ago

    Hey Santiago,

    I like your initial approach to use social media. Because of the way it can spread information is useful. Even though it was not successful there are other ways of spreading awareness of this. Going through your own neighborhood and talking to people about this problem or asking strangers as they walk by for their opinion. Hard work might not always pay off but it shows a good work ethic. Even though this endeavor did not work others might. Even though the intended result failed, you should be proud and happy with all the work you put into it.

  2. Jeffrey Quirante 10 months ago

    Hi Santiago,
    Thanks for sharing your experience with your project. I know it can be very frustrating when people don’t take your idea seriously. The internet can be a tough place to create ideas and gain approval from the community because it is such a vast space. I like how you tried using different social media spaces to try and widen your audience, but it didn’t work as well as you hoped. But with time and more hard work, people might start to notice and support your idea about your way of halting bird collisions. It can be very tedious and sometimes not very rewarding; Because the internet is so big, your project could blow up at anytime. Good luck with your project and I hope that it will work later in the future!

    • Nico 10 months ago

      Also, what made you want to create this project? Was there a reason that you are passionate about this?

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