Why do so many societies restrict women’s hair? Women are considered attractive if they have long, luxurious, beautifully colored tresses – as if their hair is a stand-in for their sexuality. “Let your hair down” means to run wild. Traditional Judaism and Islam require women to cover their hair for precisely this reason, but don’t point the finger at them; in the past in America and Europe, all women were expected to put their hair up, to control it, when they reached marriagable age.

But folks, it’s just hair. My hair, your hair. If you want it short or long or to shave it all off; if you want to make it purple or rainbow colors or its own glorious mixture of silver and steel, do it. It’s who we are. Everyone else, just keep your assumptions and restrictions to yourself.


  1. Hayley 5 days ago

    Dear Audrey,
    I really like how you convey your readers that you can do whatever you want want your hair because your hair is your hair.I never knew that Islam girls don’t show their hair for the reason that men use girls hair as a find to find them attractive. When it comes to my hair I just straighten and curl it every now and then.I find this article very interesting because I prefer my hair to be in the middle like not to short nor to long.

  2. Cristina 1 week ago

    The article “It’s Just Hair, Not Sex” encourages women to do what they like with their hair as it is theirs and shouldn’t be seen as anything more than ones hair. The author doesn’t seem to agree with societies ideology on women hair as they tend to turn it into something related with sex rather than just ones hair. She also provides examples of places in which womens hair is a restriction for specific reasons such as culture or just ideologies.

    I like what this article is encouraging because as a female with natural curls, I, myself, would like to embrace them in whatever hairstyle I’d like in whatever color I prefer without getting judged by everyone who doesn’t like it or agree. Hair shouldn’t be sexualized or seen as nothing more than ones own hair. I believe everyone should be able to do as they like with their hair and shouldn’t be influenced negatively by others.

    Was there a time in which you felt judged due to the choices you made with your hair?


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