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We should use less plastic, ban single-use plastic, and start managing our waste. Single-use plastic should be banned because of all the pollution and animals that are getting hurt. Plastic is dangerous for our climate change we need to help out our planet earth.

Supposedly plastic was invented so that it could make our lives better, but it’s actually not, it’s actually making it worse. Not only that but the amount of plastic that is being used is a whole lot. In my opinion I think yes, plastic was invented to make our lives better but at the same time worse because of what is happening now. Have you seen our oceans?, they are full of plastic everywhere. Animals are eating those pieces of plastic that we liter and throw away because they confuse it by there actual food, after that, they end up dying because they can’t handle all those plastic waste in there bodies. Like how Laura Anastasia says “ It affects not just the animals but the animals that eat those animals.” (Anastasia 3)

Bans of different kinds of single-use plastics? I think yes different kinds of single-use plastic should get banned. Is plastic the only material that can make a straw flexible? We should try other types of things. I doubt that single-use plastic may be an allowable necessity. “Single-use plastics are a major source of pollution.” (Harvey 3)

Plastic pollution and how to reduce the ocean’s plastic pollution. I say that we should use the 7 ways that Brain Hutchinson gives us to reduce ocean plastic pollution nowadays. One of the reasons why is because plastic pollution is causing problems and it is not going away. “When you use single-use plastics that can be recycled, always be sure to recycle them.” (Hutchinson 2)

Littering, and dumping trash/plastic everywhere, all leads it to the ocean and causes pollution. This is not okay, it is not okay for our society and planet earth to be full of plastic and liters everywhere we go. It is basically a cycle on how it becomes a daily thing with people littering stuff and not cleaning after themselves. The wind can blow our plastic down the streams, rivers and other bodies of water. Those rivers and streams can carry the trash to the ocean. “The bottom line is, marine debris comes from us. Humans are the source, and every single person has the power- and the responsibility- to prevent it.” (Mann 1:43/2:02)

Plastic and how they are broken down into little pieces and animals eat it. Animals eat the plastic confusing it by there actual food because the plastic that has been in the ocean for weeks and/or months get covered up in algae. This is true because I’ve seen it with my own eyes how tiny pieces of plastic are floating in the world’s oceans. This needs to stop, it  has to this is not okay the animals are dying and are being strangled by plastic. The high-density plastics we use to make consumables (think water bottles, straws, and Frappuccino cups) are broken down by sun, waves, and curious critters until what’s left is less like garbage rafts and more like tiny bits of confetti, floating in the soup. (Hanson 01:11/04:43)

Although I understand that all this plastic is recyclable, in some situations it is dangerous and useless. In conclusion I believe that single-use plastic should be banned because not only is it hurting the sea animals but us as humans too.


Yeira Nevarez


CC BY-SA 4.0 Single-use Plastic by Yeira is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


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