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Shameeka Carter

Adreon Jefferson

Fenger Academy High School

My team and I are doing this essay on the topic of “What are the pros and cons of black lives matter.” We chose this topic because we are young black teens that are interested in the pros and cons of the black lives matter movement. We are the future and it is important to be educated in topics such as this.

According to author Carly Pabst, she proposes three pros of the BLM movement. Her first pro was that since black people are targeted as prejudice, it has raised awareness. Her second pro was that blacks protested to make the movement stronger. Her final pro was not only blacks supported this group they had support from different race and backgrounds. Carly then states the two cons of black lives matter. Her first con was protest began to turn violent with white police killing black men, and black men killing white police and the news only covering up cops which causes the BLM movement to become more lethal. This is relevant because it shows how when black people take a stand for them self, cops and the government try to put a stop to it to remain dominant. Her final con was because of the movement, groups like the #takeaknee movement and kneeling during the national anthem, was because they didn’t want to stand for a country of hate and racism.

According to our teacher, Mr. Voss, the government should put money into policies that shows BLM. This is because black people are educated and we need to end the stereotype that black people are ghetto. The Con of BLM is people wear BLM shirts but don’t know the actual policies and laws that need to change. This connects to the central theme of the pros and cons of BLM because, put money into policies that shows BLM.

Author Eric Liu says that power is never static. Meaning that “its always accumulating or decaying in a civic arena, so if you aren’t taking action, you’re being acted upon.” This relates to our topic because in the past, there was police brutality and prejudice towards the black community. It was until blacks spoke out about people like Jon Burge, as an attempt to make a change in the government. Police brutality isn’t as bad as it was back then, but it does still exist. This is why the black community is spreading the message that black lives matter.

In conclusion, there’s overall pros and cons to BLM, but we should believe that the movement is a good thing. The facts show that black people didn’t have equality in the past. The BLM movement is a great example of the black community to coming together and saying that this isn’t right. Social media is a great factor of the widespread of the movement. If you have a problem with how our democracy works, instead of just talking about it, contact your local Alderman, city clerk, board of education, ect, to make a change for your community.

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  1. TH 2 months ago

    If you, or anyone else that you know, has a problem with the criminal justice system or believes they can make a changes with the law enforcement community please, by all means, apply to be a Police Officer. Walk a mile. Show us how YOU, and your friends, would make this change for the better. Trust me when I say that until you’ve done what we have, you will not. That being said, yes change may be needed in areas…perhaps improvements. To me, it seems the people can get the change done if they truly want to. The BLM movement is unnecessary and I feel it’s taking this country backwards. Good luck to you in your studies and be safe.

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