Chicago isn’t doing enough, there are women still being taken and put into sex trafficking. To be assured that sex trafficking is being tamed I think there should be a watch team or an undercover cop should go into the sex trafficking business and do it that way. The police mainly need to take advantage of this. People’s lives are affected by this every day, they have suffered from abuse, substance abuse, mental abuse, etc. kids are being taken from their homes at young ages to be sex slaves, they may never get to see their family again, they have to have sex with a lot a people every day it’s sad.

According to research, Depaul University estimated that sixty-two percent of prostitutes in Chicago began sex work before they turned the age eighteen and thirty-three percent by the age of fifteen. So all it takes is for a man to see a woman or child and there it goes they get taken, to work as sex slaves and they pimp or ”boss” makes money off of them. Chicago is ranked 10th as a hub for sex trafficked children with approximately 27,854 registered sex offenders in Illinois. There are 20.9 million victims of human sex trafficking globally-55% of them are female and 5.5 million of them are children.

I haven’t come across a direct way to help protect people from sex trafficking, but the headline of this research is, what is Chicago doing to protect people from sex trafficking. The author was this story is Mark Guarino. He claims that “Cook County is one of just a few jurisdictions in the United States to have a special task force designed to fight human trafficking. The Illinois Trafficking of Persons and Involuntary Servitude Act made recruiting children under the age of 18 a criminal offense. He also claims that fighting sex trafficking is necessary but says that increased attention is also needed to fight root causes in cook county.

  1. Nereida 1 year ago

    I agree today all we hear and see is how teenage girls are going missing and police authorities aren’t doing anything. I’m pretty sure that all of these missing girl cases are connected to sex trafficking. Why only girls? How come we still don’t have answers ?

  2. Rukiya 1 year ago

    i totally agree.

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