Posted by Ivyanna on June 7, 2019

How have certain policies impacted the LGBTQA communities?

Up until about the 1920’s the LGBTQ community barely got any recodnition seeing that being lesbian or gay was highly frowned upon to the general public. Then when they did start to get recognition it wasn’t for the good, many times they were denied jobs and harrassed all the time. For example, 34th president, Dwight D. Eisenhower, banned homosexuals working for the federal government because he saw it as a “security risk” in 1953. Sexuality really was a big deal back then which made everything that has happened recently in support of the LGBTQ community even more rewarding. For example on June 24, 2016 Obama announces the designation of the first national monument to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) rights. Which all in all gave the LGBTQ community recogniton, but not necessarily equality. Or at least until June 30, 2016 when the pentagon lifted the ban on transgender people serving openly in the US military.

All in all the LGBTQ community has gone through many hardships but has had moments of success. What we have planned for the future is to one, expand the list of states with non-discriminatory protections of the LGBTQ    community. For example LGBTQ community memebers are at risk of being fired from their job, denied housing, profiled by law, or kicked out of a restaurant or office just because of their sexuality. To have protection over these things would give the LGBTQ community and it’s memebers a fair chance as a straight male or female.

Together I believe that we should all try to construct more policies to protect the LGBTQ community because this is the land of the free and home of the brave, we are free to be who we want to be, so why shouldn’t we protect those who are just essentially trying to who they are/want to be and who are brave enough to show their true colors, which in this case is a rainbow.

By: Ivyanna Sullivan, Wyonae Porte, and Michael Wells