Black Lives Matter is a symbol of collected organizations to represent black oppression reform. These people created the hashtag,the brand, and the social media pages to expand on a wider platform of people. White,Black,Latino,or Orange, you can support, or try and get behind BLM just off their research and purpose.

   How they’ve began to reform and change america is their target for powerful people on a large scale of victimize people in the Chicago. For example, according to Frank Leon Roberts, a main activist and writer of BLM, says after protests, activist meetings, and community reform meetings to educate the citizens of the area, they’ve been able to not re-elect Anita Alvarez for State’s Attorney.Those specific groups in BLM were BYP100 and Assata’s Daughters. Anita Alvarez gave officers no consequence for shootings a number of unarmed black civilians of Chicago.Never should a victim of a police murder should have the thought of the officer not being trialed or prosecuted for their unarmed love one.

 According to citizens in my community, BLM has created a different environment for black people and their communities. They also believe that the police brutality rate has reduced since BLM has been a factor.According to Vox the rate has indeed changed .

    It’s his evidence and i just want when it was wrote to be recent and believable…


CC BY-SA 4.0 BLM Changing American Lives by Dezmon is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


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