The poem “Immigrants In Our Own Land” by Jimmy Santiago Baca is mostly about the struggles and challenges of having to move away from your homeland.Imagine having to leave everything and everyone behind to try to move to a better place or to try to live a better life.But my question is how do you cope mentally with having to move away from everything and everyone they’ve ever cared about?Another question that I have is it worth having to leave your family and friends behind for a better life?

Is it worth it to leave your home,family and friends behind for a better life?This poem doesn’t answer my personal question.But this poem is showing what life is really like for immigrants.

The poem makes me feel,sad yet, at the same time, makes me happy because these immigrants are getting a new chance.This poem makes me feel this way because these people are getting new chances at having a better life but also have to leave behind there home.I think that the tone of this poem and the way it describes these feelings determine the feelings that i chose.

My big question is are  these immigrants are getting a better chance at life if they move to for example the U.S.The poem answers this question but not directly its showing how you can have a second chance at life.For example in the poem it is talking about how they get new jobs.”

My big question is it really worth leaving your country and family  behind for a better life? The poem does not answer this question because not everyone is going to have the same experience.Some ideas of mine that have changed because of this poem is my understanding of how people are entered into other countries if there an immigrant into for example the U.S.

The biggest personal life question for me is how do people cope with this mentally having to leave their home and having to work in a place you have never been in before?This poem doesn’t answer my personal question.But this poem is showing what life is really like for immigrants coming into a new country and the way the system treats everyone.

For example this little excerpt from the poem is saying”“ My cell is crisscrossed with laundry lines,my T-shirts, boxer shorts, socks and pants are drying.Just like it used to be in my neighborhood.From all the tenements laundry hung window to window.Across the way Joey is sticking his hands through the bars to hand Felipe a cigarette men are hollering back and forth cell to cell,saying their sinks don’t work,or somebody downstairs hollers angrily about a toilet overflowing or that the heaters don’t work”

Is it worth it to leave your friends,family and home behind for a better life?For some people it is not worth it because they have a deep emotional connection to their friends,family and home.But for some people I think they will have a hard time but they can make the sacrifice ”’.In this poem the turn is a dolphin turn because it’s almost like why are we here and going through all of this?Are we in a simulation?Is there a supreme being who created all of this?I feel like the author is addressing all of this but not directly.For example it said in the poem “We are born with dreams in our hearts,looking for better days ahead.At the gates we are given new papers,our old clothes are taken and we are given overalls like mechanics wear”What I see from this quote is that most immigrants have dreams and want to do amazing things but they also feel at the same time like there’s no point in even trying to have these dreams because they will always be put down when they try to have or to pursue these dreams.Mostly because they feel like they will be put down.

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  1. Wendy 12 months ago

    Dear Ariel,
    One thing that I liked about your analysis is that your question was a question that some people like me wonder as well. You chose this question for the right poem. This poem is talking about how someone left their family for a better life which answers this question.

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