1. Kayla 3 weeks ago

    Dear Dejuan,
    I am proud to read that you are writing about such honest and current events. Police brutality has been pushed aside and normalized for a long time. Police took it upon themselves to feel superior, which caused the current oppression. One sentence that stands out to me was “police homicides have increased over the years and the criminal justice system has not given the police a reasonable punishment.” I think this is outraging because the police hide behind their badge and obtain no consequences because of the fact that they work for the government. Thank you for writing, I look forward to seeing your next post because you write about current issues that need to be brought up.
    Kayla Castillo

  2. Olivia 9 months ago

    Hi Dejuan,
    I like the idea behind your article because there is a lot of information there. Maybe to add to it you could use other examples of cases around the country. This website https://mappingpoliceviolence.org/ would be really useful because it maps cases of police brutality across the country. I hope this was helpful!

  3. Lizbeth 9 months ago

    I agree with you. So many situations are being handled unfairly. Police officers are supposed to protect not harm. A city like Chicago is still full of segregation but no one ever does anything to end it. What needs to happen in order for this to change?

  4. Alvaro 9 months ago

    I think there is a bigger picture as in police brutality because they are punish less than the common citizen.

  5. Xiomara 9 months ago

    I agree with what you are saying, Chicago is a city that still has segregated neighborhoods and communities which I think adds to the discrimination and violence faced by the citizens. Whites have privilege when it comes to getting sentenced, they end up getting less time compared to people of color. It is a constant issue especially in the United states, this problem needs to be addressed more in order to create change.

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