Everyday students all around Chicago depend on CTA to travel from home to school, and then from school to home, but for many students it does not end there. Many students depend on CTA to go to work right after school, and then to go home once their shift is over. Although CTA has reduced fares for students, and it does not always seem like you are spending a lot of money on transportation, it all accumulates throughout the year. Especially when you find yourself paying more than $1.50 a day to get where you need to be. For those who only use the CTA twice a day you will find yourself paying about $270 per school year. But there are others who have to pay a lot more. Although $270 per school year does not seem like much, it can be for lower income families who do not have the resources to pay this much for a single child of theirs to get to school everyday. But for many families this is the only option. Also we have to consider that many students not only rely on public transportation during the school year, but also during vacation and on weekends, so throughout the year they pay more than $270 on transportation. This is why we believe we should work on relieving some financial stress off students by offering Ventra cards which would make public transportation free for students during the school year. Students should not have to worry about not having enough money to pay for transportation. Nor worry about not being able to attend the school of their dreams because it would be a lot of money solely for transportation. We want to focus on low income students because we know they would benefit greatly from this extra help. Then we would focus on the rest of students in Chicago. We know CTA would lose a lot of money from this, which is way we want to start small we can actually get somewhere with this project, and slowly try to get this benefit for all students. As students we should not feel limited nor stress about being unable to afford to attend certain schools due to transportation costs, receiving a good education is whats most important.


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