Posted by Kurtina on May 30, 2019

My Questions About “There is a garden in her face” by Thomas Campion

Do men go based off of what’s on the outside? To answer this question from what I’ve read in this poem the answer is yes because he compared her to a garden because of what he saw on her which was beauty. I know this because Thomas states “ her eyes like angel watch them still; her brows like bent bows do stand …” He’s complimenting her based oh her outside (off of the way she looks).

In the first stanza line number one, Thomas Campion states “There is a garden in her face.” The message that he aims to send is maybe he’s saying that she’s beautiful and that’s when he compared her to something that he finds beautiful which is a garden. The question that it shows is does a person have to be complemented to be shown there worth? According to this poem, I’m in the middle because the only way he described her beauty was by comparing her a garden.