When is there gonna be change in our society? In the poem changes by Tupac Shakur, it demonstrates with a message that calls for justice. With impressive verses and great rhythm, the song represents various challenges and injustices that black people have to face on a daily basis. Tupac attempts to demonstrate this with the poem “changes”, this is the complexity of social issues and how hard it is for things to get better, for equality and justice to be achieved. It is not an attempt that can be done by one person, but by a collective fight and persistence task that we need to fight for. Every no is closer to a yes to make change.

In the five lines of the first stanza, Shakur summarizes what’s going on on this line.  He writes, “I’m tired of being poor and, even worse, I’m black”. This is a big problem in society and the world. people that are black or less likely to not get treated as fair or equal as white people they see blackness as a weapon, which is terrible because it doesn’t matter what color you are, white black we are equal.  This line raises me in a way because it’s true what Tupac is saying: Black people tend to get treated differently and go through some much with the color they were given by God. So for them to have to live with this fucked up society treating them different they have to deal with being poor. And that’s outrageous.  

In paragraph five, line three of the middle stanza, Shakur summarize what’s going on on this line.  He writes, “It’s time for us as a people to start making some changes”. I agree as a young teen I feel we need to make a change for my generation and the next one and so on. For we won’t go through what we’re going through now. We as a society have to help each other out and make the world better then it was before we have are a work in progress. This reminds me of every no is closer to a yes. So we can’t give up changing our world just because we don’t see no big change.


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