My first impression of this poem was that it was really interesting.  The poem intrigued me, yet, at the same time, made me troubled. A line that especially intrigued me is, “You fit into me”  But troubled comes up when I read the lines, “A fish hook An open eye”. Perhaps because it’s not what I would imagine being talked about when she’s saying something fits into her.

What I know about the situation – what’s happening in the poem – is that she’s talking about how something fits into her, but she falsely advertised it because when she said it she ended up saying it like how a fish hook fits into an open eye which is scary and disturbing. What I know about the speaker is that they are the kind of person who likes to hides things within things. This is suggested by the “You fit into me Like a hook and an eye A fish hook An open eye“ she hides what she really means when she says you fit into me, it’s not what she really means, she is trying to hide something. The speaker seems to be speaking to an audience, and perhaps to a friend of hers.  I say this because she might be trying to warn someone or explain something to someone like she’s suffering from something that isn’t good for her. The poem doesn’t seem to spring from a particular historical moment/culture — specifically. The poem revolves around several themes, including pain and suffering.   

If this poem were a question, the answer would be “it’s hurting me”.  If it were an answer, the question would be “are you okay?” The title suggests that she seems okay from the outside, happy even.    

The poem’s form is a free verse. This form is a vehicle for the content of the poem.  If the poem were a couplet, it would not guide me toward an understanding of the poem’s meaning.


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