The overall goal of my project was to spread awareness about the horrors that animals face in the USA every day. Most don’t realize how serious animal abuse really is. Most think that animal abuse isn’t a serious problem in our society. My project has not been successful because I have only received 10 viewers so basically no one knows about it. My blog was extremely unsuccessful and so was my petition. I had 5 views on my blog posts overall. That’s frankly terrible. The reason for this was because we had more memes than actual blog posts. My petition only had 1 view. That’s is also extremely bad. The reason for this was because we didn’t promote it at all. In conclusion, my project turned out to be terrible and unsuccessful. Having 5 viewers is extremely bad and unsuccessful in my opinion. I should’ve promoted my project more on Instagram.

  1. Jamie 5 months ago

    Dear Patrick

    I agree with your post of how animal abuse is a serious problem because it is a horrible thing. Animals do not deserve this kind of treatment , and that it shouldn’t go unnoticed I hope that more people realize this and face the problem head on . I hope that your project because a success. I look forward to reading more from you.

  2. Kheriya 6 months ago

    Dear, Patrick
    I agree animal abuse is horrible. People do not realize the effects. I am amazed on your energy on creating this post in order to address this. I honestly would have wished your project would have received more attention. This is something serious, something that needs to be looked at more. But overall your post is amazing and even though it was not a success there are people that still appreciate your post. Thanks for this post I look forward to seeing your new posts in the future.

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