The poem “Changes” by Tupac Shakur makes me ask myself the same question. Will we ever truly have a change in our world? The question probably won’t ever be answered because we never know how the next generation will be. Every day people get killed, hurt, harassed, bullied and much more and many people in power don’t do anything about it. So we have to stand up and do something. This world is left in the hands of youth. We don’t see the change that we need to see.

In the line “I’d love to go back to when we played as kids” Tupac was showing that when everyone was a kid it was better. When you were younger you didn’t understand the majority of stuff that was going on. Life seemed so innocent. Running around in the park screaming, laughing, and playing. But now that we are older we understand how bad this world actually is and we all wish it wasn’t this bad. We all wish we can just go back to when we were kids and wanted ice cream, and go to the park, play tag and hide & seek, to be with friends and simply have fun. Not fight for something that we have to fight for because the government doesn’t want the change that we need.


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  1. Alexis 8 months ago

    Hi , my name is Alexis from back of the yards college prep and your blog caught my attention because im working on this project that has to do with what you wrote . My project has to do with creating change within our teens life since most join gangs at a early age and end up ruining their future or some one elses. I want to fight teens joining gangs by creating an after school program or summer programs where the doors are open to teens, so they can go their and ball up instead of hitting the streets .

    • Author
      Derek 8 months ago

      Sounds very interesting, i would also like to keep other teens from joining gangs because i personally would never want my little brother to join a gang

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