The main reason why we chose this topic is to spread awareness on the discrimination that is happening still today. We created a blog and an additional petition to help people understand the true nature of racism and what qualifies as discrimination. So far, our project has been really resourceful and we’ve managed to get many signatures on our petition. signatures. However, our blog did not do as good as we expected it to do. The highest amount of views on a post was 9 people. Nonetheless, compared to the other groups we did above average.

Our project was an overall success because we found people that were willing to help support our cause. For example, our petition currently has 923 signatures but there was a least one viewer for most of our blog posts. By looking at the statistics, you can clearly tell that the viewers decline over the next two months. Yet, our petition has exceeded our expectations by reaching more than 500 signatures! This was truly shocking to find out this because our petition had originally 20-30 signatures, which was not good.

The evidence shown here proves the fact that our project was overall a success because we were able to reach out to other people and find people that shared the same ideas as us. Our blog was not as successful compared to our petition but the petition really carried the whole project.


CC BY-SA 4.0 Racism and Police Brutality Reflection by Michele is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

  1. Claudia 9 months ago

    Dear Michele:

    I am amazed by your publication, “Reflection on police brutality and racism”, to raise awareness about discrimination.

    One phrase that you highlight for me is “to help people understand the true nature of racism and what qualifies as discrimination.” It is important that people know the importance of discrimination. Many people are willing to help with the blog and I think that’s fine.

    Thanks for your writing. I hope and see what you write next, because I want to learn more about the importance of discrimination.


  2. Alejandro 9 months ago

    Dear Michele
    I am impressed by your post called Racism and police brutality reflection because… you speak about the racism in general what is in the world as people react to racism what are your reaction to it one sentence you wrote that stands out for me is:’’ awareness about discrimination” I think this is good because… people begin to raise awareness about it they start to reflect Thanks for you writing. I look forward to seeing what do you write next, because… your post is very special for me because once to me the people they discriminated against me for be mexican in the border but I did not care sigue asi

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