Hi my name is Isabella and since February my classmates and I started our digital activism project about discrimination against the LGBTQ community. When we started this project our ultimate goal was to spread awareness about the discrimination against the LGBTQ community in the healthcare system and many other environments as well. Although, far fetched, if possible we hoped to create real and permanent change by getting the attention of senators. However, after looking at the statistics regarding our posts and petition it is clear that, that goal of ours was in fact too far fetched as our project was not very successful.

Although we tried our best to promote our site and petition ultimately
our project did not get enough attention. Throughout this project we used three different platforms, instagram, wordpress, and change.org, all of
which were quite low on views. WordPress, the site we used to write our
blogs, was the main platform we used to promote this issue. That is
where we talked about the issue in depth. In total we made around 72
blog posts so we should have gotten a decent amount of viewers, however our website only got 50 views. Most of which came from the homepage which got 38 views while each of our blog posts only got one view which was most likely from us.
Moving onto instagram, which was our second most used platform, was also very slow in growth. Our account only got 41 followers, most of which comprised of people in the same school as us, who were also doing these activism projects and trying to get more followers for their campaign. As much as we promoted our blog posts on instagram it was clearly not
effective as our website remained low on views. Most of our followers
came when we first started our account but as time passed not only did
our growth in following decline but also in likes. Our first post got 17 likes but after that, the average number of likes per post dropped to 2.  
Lastly change.org is what we used to create our petition. This lack of
growth was a constant barrier in all the platforms we used, including our
petition. Although we got 166 views and 13 shares on our petition, we
only got 29 supporters within a four month span.

This lack of growth of supporters on our petition, and views on instagram and our website is enough to say that our project has not been successful and has made it harder for us to achieve our overall goal. Although this
journey of ours is coming to an end, the journey to stop discrimination
against the LGBTQ community in the world is far from ending. Thus,
thinking of ideas that might have improved my current project may come into use later on in life if I ever try to do this again. Now that youtube is
used all around the world, I think that going viral on youtube would
grant us access to a huge audience for our campaign. Although going
viral is not easy and most of the time entirely arbitrary it would have
helped tremendously with our project. In addition to that we could have kept promoting it on instagram and possibly use more hashtags. As well as tell our own friends about the project and ask them to spread the
word to their friends and so on.


CC BY-SA 4.0 Our Journey on Battling LGBTQ Discrimination by Isabella is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


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