Me, Lamiah, Karlotte and Ray started a project called Fight4Victims. The goal of our project was to raise awareness about sexual harassment through wordpress, social media, and Our project was somewhat successful even if it wasn’t as successful as other groups’ projects. Our project definitely could have been more successful by promoting it more.

Our blog had some followers and views because at least some people read our posts and probably learned something from them. We have had a total of 56 viewers in a span of 4 months. This may not be much, but those 56 people viewed a total of 152 posts, which shows they were interested in the content of our blogs to keep reading them. If we were able to reach more people, they could have also learned from our blog posts and we would have been more successful.

Furthermore, we also got 15 signatures on our petition so we convinced some people that this petition was important enough to sign. The petition could have been more successful if we promoted it to larger audiences, instead of promoting it to the same people over and over. If they didn’t sign it the first time they probably wouldn’t, even if we promoted it again. We also have around 50 followers on instagram, making it probably the most successful platform we posted on. Most were other tech accounts, so it doesn’t really show that we are successful because we didn’t reach different audiences.

We didn’t have a large audience, given that we probably reached around 120 people. Still, this is better than nothing and at least we made an impact on some people. To improve our project, we should have promoted it to a larger audience using social media with more followers. We could have asked other people to promote our petition and blog through their social media, which would probably have different audiences and would help increase the amount of signatures and visitors we would have.

This is the link to the blog:


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