With this project, we wanted to educate those who are less knowledgeable on the topic of animal testing. Ania and I wanted to spread awareness about the cruelty and brutality of animal testing because many people are unaware of what these tested animals go through, and are ignorant about the topic. Consumers support brands and buy their products just because they’re good quality, and ignore the fact that the product was tested on an animal that had to suffer the consequences of a harsh reaction to it. With this project we wanted to change that. Even if we made a small impact, at least we made some impact at all.  Our project was not as successful as we wanted it to be, but we still got a significant amount of supporters. It was successful in the way that we learned how to campaign  We wanted to gain more social media followers and blog followers to spread our message even more, because those aspects of our project provided more of an informational take on the topic.

The most successful part of our project was the petition we put up on change.org. Our petition to stop the major beauty company, Revlon, from animal testing has 1,501 supporters. We accumulated the most amount of signatures on our petition in approximately the second week it was up. With that, a few signers of the petition even gave money donations to the cause in order to pay the fees we needed to go even farther with the project. Another reason that our petition was very successful was the fact 90 signers commented on the petition, discussing why animal testing is cruel, and that Revlon should become a cruelty free brand.

My petition was very successful, but my blog and social media was not very successful. With the failure of the blog and social media, I have come to conclusion that my project was slightly unsuccessful because we didn’t have many followers on other aspects others than our petition. If I could do this project over again, I would try to work harder on promoting my blog and social media to my friends and family so that they could spread the word about my project and the message that it’s conveying.


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