Hi, my name is Hajar, me and my friends started this project to reduce the waste created by fracking to help save the animals and this planet. Not many people know about this topic but it’s very important. This planet is taken for granted but it’s getting destroyed and people are the cause of this destruction, if we don’t stop now and start making a change it might be too late to come back. The blog didn’t do that well and I believe that’s because not many people know what fracking is, and my goal to spread the word and shed more light on this topic.

This project was not that successful because our blog didn’t get that many views at all. We had like two other people view our blog and the third was the teacher. I don’t think our blog got many views because fracking isn’t common in blogging since whenever I would search it up a few articles would come up.

Even though our blog was not successful our Instagram account that we made for fracking got followers, likes and comments. I think Instagram got more attention because it’s more modern than blogging, and more people use it. Bigger accounts would tag us on a post about fracking and talk about it. The fact that bigger accounts found us and included us in what they were doing means we did something right, and got the attention of people who have more power to help.

In conclusion, the blog wasn’t successful but me and my friends spread some word around on Instagram. If I had the chance to change something about my topic I would relate to modern things so more people can understand and post more about the blog on social media since that got more attention than the blog.


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