Hi, I’m Ononto C. Throughout my blog our main goal was to get people to petition Time Warner to add pixelated films to prevent birds from hitting the building and dying (The time Warner Buildings are 750 feet tall). The reason me and my group decided to focus on this problem is that it is a local problem we can make a difference in. So this started when Santiago was walking around Columbus Circle when a bird fell right in front of him. He felt touched since he had two birds of his own. In my opinion, our project wasn’t really successful

Me and my group worked very hard in our project and in some areas it paid off while in others it didn’t. Our goal was to get 100 signatures and we only got 39. And 4 of them were the members of my group. And our most viewed post would be my video with only 9 views. We didn’t really have much success in our blog or our petition but we were pretty successful in our social media accounts. Our Instagram got a whopping 170 followers while following 22 people. Our memes on our Instagram page consistently got 30ish likes. And our reddit gained a lot of recognition being praised by many members of the r/Bruhmoment community. Two of our memes got to the top 30s which was the main reason for most of our signatures. All of our comments were from reddit so we should focus more on reddit

The most memorable thing we did throughout this is our project. Each member of our group made a video discussing something about bird collisions. I talked about the reason behind birds hitting windows. Each member of our group worked very hard on their tech projects. This is one out of the four my group did. My video discussed the actual reasons behind bird’s colliding with windows. This video provided three reasons to why bird collisions occur so often. You can see how often bird collisions happen in Aidan’s video ( https://youtu.be/nCHmlvbwH5c ). And how to prevent bird collisions is discussed in Ashton’s and Santiago’s video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SZ_Tcs_b9rA&feature=youtu.be ). This project took around 4 hours. The first two I did researched and got my self informed. After getting all my information I split my info into 3 categories each for a different reason of birds hitting windows. After that I just recording everything off my head and included the sources of my information. I used my actual voice instead of text to speech to seem more trustworthy to my audience and I learned why bird’s hit windows. My video was the most viewed thing in our blog. So perhaps instead of posting reblogs and information we should’ve reached out to our audience in a more entertaining method.

Although we worked very hard we didn’t make much of a difference. Next time I believe we should put more time into our social media platforms since that’s what got us big not our blog itself. We should more time into our Instagram and Reddit accounts and perhaps use something other than discord. Although it was a good idea we got 3 members which were all a part of our group. It makes sense since Discord is a platform used for gaming and not digital activism. We should’ve put more time into our Instagram and reddit to expand our supporters and promote our blog and petition a bit more.


CC BY-SA 4.0 Reflection-save the birds. TWC are killing them by Ononto is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


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