This idea of Digital Activism is present in what is being presented, as its taking a cause in which what has been universally conflicting and placing highlight upon it. the funding provided for Planned Parenthood, and the whole idea surrounding the performing of abortions is highly controversial. The funding of these programs needs to be placed in higher regards, and that’s why there are platforms and people, including this blog, that want to give it that significance.

          Using this idea of Digital Activism we had taken a topic in which is highly controversial and has our support, funding towards planned parenthood clinics and title x programs, to try and raise awareness and prove that there is support for it within society around us. Although in our research we have learned that there is a widespread support for the funding of these clinics even though there is an obvious lack within them, we hadn’t made that much recognition personally with our petition or blog posts.

Our project included of a petition, video presentation, blog, and social media platform. We had utilized different platforms to spread the overall message we were trying to share, that there is a necessary need of funding in these programs and planned parenthood clinics. The use of these platforms brought in support, even though it wasn’t that much, which helped us realize that this is a topic in which has genuine support for and of.

                   Using this project we had to do much research about our topic, which helped us delve deeper into whether or not there was support and interest in this topic outside of our sightline of our own personal results. As we delved into the research we discovered there is an international level widespread support for this topic, including the organizing of protests, creating of accounts, and multiple posts representing the variety opinions upon this topic just as we were doing with our project.

  Within our blog we only made up to 5 views and 28 signatures on our petitions, which speaks for itself upon how well we did on spreading the message. We didn’t get very far in making such a difference and proving much support, but that doesn’t mean the support isn’t there. We had gotten over 90 visits to our blog, so it proves there are people out there who care about the cause.

                     Although the results may seem like the topic isn’t very cared for if we went strictly by our results, it doesn’t mean there isn’t a worldwide effort existing. There are thousands of millions of people who have at least recognition to an opinion upon what is going on regarding this topic.  



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