The overall goal of the project was to show immigration is good and that we should let immigrants in the country if they have visa. Also to show people should not be racist to immigrants and the challenges immigrants have to go through. The project was pretty successful. We got a couple of views on WordPress and got a couple of signature for the petition. The video that I made got 28 views. So overall I think we did pretty decent.

This is our video it got 29 views this video is talking about student visa and work visa, resident visa and family visa. This video talks about how work visa people usually get low leveled jobs. Student with visa are the most successful and people with work visa are the laziest. I made this video using adobe spark. I got my information from google scholar and NY public library research website online. This fit in my project by talking about visa for immigrants and by project talks about immigrants and how hard it is for them to get in a different country. The petition will help immigrate get Visa and get Citizenship in the United States. This is my blog website. I learned more information about visa for immigrants and how there is different visas. Also my other group members have blog posts about immigration so you can check those out too. I learned about trump laws and how he want to put immigrants in Asylum. I also learned I learned immigrants make business for example Elon Musk the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX. I also learned

  • Immigrant men have higher rates of work than native-born men — 82 percent vs. 73 percent. However, immigrant women have lower rates of work than native-born women — 57 percent vs. 66 percent.
  • A large share of immigrants have low levels of formal education. Of adult immigrants (ages 25 to 65), 28 percent have not completed high school, compared to 8 percent of natives. The share of immigrants (25 to 65) with at least a bachelor’s degree is only slightly lower than natives — 30 percent vs. 32 percent.

Our group choose this topic for digital activism because i think Immigration is a problem. I think people should come into what every country they want as long as they do not harm to other people. If i had to do my project over again i would promote more on social media.

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