Our project, Helping The Homeless NYC, aimed to spread awareness about the growing homelessness crisis in New York City. We conveyed information about the many dangerous issues that threaten homeless people on the streets. We also shedded light on the inappropriate conditions in homeless shelters. Additionally, our project proposed solutions to these problems, as well. Our project has been successful because any type of recognition (such as likes, comment, visitors, views, etc) is considered a success, no matter how insignificant it might seem.

Our project has been successful because it was recognized by a more known organization. The Instagram page “_wevegotyoucovered” followed our Instagram account and liked several of our posts. This page has about 3,000 followers, which means that it’s well-known. This satisfies our goal of spreading awareness about NYC’s homelessness problem because “_wevegotyoucovered” is a NYC non-profit campaign, just like Helping The Homeless NYC.

Another reason why our project has been successful is how our petition received recognition, as well. Helping The Homeless petition received 26 signatures. Although this might seem little, but that’s 26 more people who know more about the NYC homelessness issue. Furthermore, the petition received one comment stating “yall I hope this works.”

To sum up, knowing how our petition, Instagram account, and blog posts were recognized by others generates the conclusion that Helping The Homeless NYC has been successful. This is due to the comments and signatures that our petition received as well as the known organizations that recognized our Instagram page. If I had to do my project again, I would’ve promoted my petition and blog on my personal Instagram account because it has 1.3k followers, unlike our official Instagram page, which has about 55 followers only.


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