When beginning the project, the overall goal was to spread awareness about declawing. To get a bill passed, banning declawing in NY. Our project has yet to be deemed successful since there is a bill passing through assembly, results have yet to be known, but it is pretty successful in the portion of spreading awareness about declawing.

The project has yet to be successful because when looking at the status of A1303/A01297A, it is still in Committee and has yet to reach Floor. Results have also yet to be revealed so we aren’t sure if it was entirely successful but we can say for sure about spreading the project.

It is true that we spread awareness through our blog and social media along with our presentation and petition since different people have seen our content. Our petition is our strong point, with approximately 1.3k supporters total. Our blog has garnered quite the amount of views, with some people from different parts of the world and our social media account wasn’t such a big impact since it was created half way through the project course.

Overall the project has been doing pretty fine and I really hope that the bill passes since declawing is technically a form of animal cruelty and limiting animal rights. If I were to redo the project and improve it I would definitely create accounts on multiple social media platforms and be more active.

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