The goal of our project was to spread awareness of the underrated issue of sexual harassment. So we created a nice blog called fight4victims. It was a good idea because sexual assault is a big problem many people face everyday, and there’s nothing really being done about it. If everyone learns about the dangers of sexual assault then it would lessen the frequency of it happening. However, our project has not really been successful since no one has really seen it.
One reason for our unsuccessfulness was our lack of effort in some areas of the blog. For example, the majority of our blog posts are about the progress of the blog, and that didn’t promote our ideas much. Posts about the progress of our blog were extremely pointless anyway, since there’s literally little to no improvement in our views. Though there were plenty of posts about the issue, not many people viewed it. In the end, no one really cared about improving the progress of the blog and only wanted to get the work done to get a passing grade for tech class. The most viewed post I had made was my introduction post, which was made when we first made the blog, back in February, and that only had nine views. Moreover, we didn’t make any memes of our issue, because making memes can not be appropriate for our topic of sexual assault. Other groups made memes since it was useful to their topic, and that helped their blogs gain views and attention.
Another reason for our unsuccessfulness could probably be our lack of posting on social media to promote our blog and petition. My group only made promotions when we had to, and that was only when we made blog posts, which we only made when we had tech class. Additionally, the blog was only being promoted on instagram stories on the account we specifically made for the blog, where only people from our class and grade saw. The people who see the stories don’t even check out the blog; they just see the post and continue scrolling down their feed. So, this also contributed to our unsuccessfulness to gain views on the blog.
All in all, our project was unsuccessful because of our lack of effort and our low quality posts. To improve our project, we should have promoted our blog on all platforms of social media and not only instagram stories because only the same people see our blog promotions on instagram. We also should have asked everyone in our class to sign our petition, since literally no one in our class actually went to our blog to help support the issue. We also should have made more posts on our issue or reblogging instead of discussing the progress of the views on the blog.


CC BY-SA 4.0 A blog about sexual assault by Karlotte is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


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