The main objective of this project was to grasp on an important issue in current-day society and attempting to reach out to other people and create an active community. In terms of our views and such, our attempt at reaching out to people had not been successful, but the project was successful in terms of spreading out to the people that did have serious concerns about healthcare and clinics. However, that audience is quite insignificant.
The blog itself did not contain many supporters. Only 4 out of the 8 followers are actually from outside the school. Obviously, 4 followers isn’t a mass number of people, and it is quite evident that this mere number of followers wouldn’t spread as much influence on the community. As for the views themselves, there are only 57 views for our 17 views, which isn’t quite effective. The highest number of views I have received on a blog post was 4, which was for the video I created on YouTube.
I am dissatisfied with the amount of recognition I have received. For some peculiar reason, our social media had gained more notability than the blog itself. The post on our Instagram platform with the most likes received were 19 likes. Even worse than the blog itself, was the petition! our petition is pretty barron and abandoned. The only 2 comments we’ve received have been made by me. The lack of promotion of our petition resulted in the miniscule 3 signatures we have in this current day.
Through this project, I learned to cooperate with my partner to create a blog of our own. However, we did not successfully prevail in our goal to reach out to people with our blog, nor our petition. I think it’s important to heavily consider the promotion of the blog itself in order to reach out to more people with the sublime content we’ve created. This could be done through taking action to reach out and have other people that are engaged in the issue of healthcare to join the petition. The posts may need to look more appealing and the titles of the articles themselves should be encaptivating. Otherwise, I gained experience through the creation of our blog.

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