The overall goal of our project was to promote the problems that homeless people go through everyday. This is because living in New York, everywhere you go you see people outside, starving, outside freezing during the winter, finding shelter in subway trains. This is not only regarding the conditions that homeless people have on the streets but the conditions in the shelters are even worse. The main goal of our project was to encourage and engage people in this very important topic that affects everyone, everyday. This was a group semester project were I got to work with 3 other people to shed light on this important issue.  On our blog we even talked about some necessary steps that people could take such as locations to some local homeless shelters, tips on what you could donate and what could be really helpful during this time of need. I feel like our project was somewhat successful as we got 26 signatures on our blog. This was important because it showed us that people want to engage in this situation.

Our petition was somewhat successful as we obtained only 26 signatures. We however didn’t receive any constructive comments on our petition but someone commented “y’all, I hope this works” . I feel like we could have promoted our petition more often than we did. This is because even though we made blog posts about our petition we didn’t get much views on that website. Another thing is that we posted/promoted our petition on social media and even though we did that about 10 times, we still didn’t get much signatures from that.

Our blog wasn’t successful at all because of the little amount of views that we received. Our most popular post only got 12 views, 36 people viewed our homepage, and we only have  4 followers on our website. That isn’t a success. Our main goal for this was to raise awareness on this topic through our blog but we didn’t have much of an impact. Our post popular post was posted on March 28, 2019 and it was a meme. We noticed that memes were more popular than our informative posts and our petition posts. Overall, we could have focused more on our petition and on making funnier and better memes.  

In conclusion, during the time of the spring semester, we engaged in this project to help our fellow homeless people find themselves in better living conditions. This project was very important to help shed some light to this everyday topic. Even though we didn’t get much followers and views on our blog, we still made a small contribution and hope that it makes a difference, even if it is small. Our petition had only 26 signatures and that also wasn’t very successful. Some things that we could have done to make the project more successful would be to send out an email to the whole school asking to sign our petition with a direct link. This would have helped us gained a lot more signatures.


CC BY-SA 4.0 Helping the Homeless NYC by Karolina is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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  1. Sydney 9 months ago

    Hi Karolina,

    I like your idea and that you’re trying to help homeless people. I think it is impressive that you were able to get twenty-six signatures! I read in another post and they were marketing their idea through social media. They said they used twitter and Instagram to help spread their idea. I would agree I think that people want to engage in this issue.

    Sydney Stephens

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