We strive to improve the overall quality of dutch kills playground. This public park in NYC had lots of problems but the park is being renovated. However, the renovation has had a slow start. The goal originally was to hasten the renovation but the goal has changed. The project was to bring awareness to the park and it was somewhat successful. The original goal was not achieved but many people had seen the site which was somewhat successful.

The project was unsuccessful due to the low amount of visitors and people who have done something. For example, we have gotten only 23 views for our most viewed blog post. Although, we may have gotten a decent amount of overall views, we got 13 signers for the petition, this shows how people saw the problems at hand but didn’t do anything for the blog, or the petition wasn’t promoted enough.

We got a low amount of views for the time the project was up. The project was first of all a class project and worked by students. The the project was started in February and now it’s May, it has been 4 months. Then, the most viewed post had 23 views, less than 1 per day. This shows how people really don’t see the issue presented as a big deal. But, there were a small group of people that took their time to (maybe) read a post.

The low amount of views for the extended time of the project as well as the 13 signatures provided no impact on the problem introduced. In total, the site had ~160 visitors and 800 views. The little amount of signatures came from the fact that the problem with Dutch Kills playground didn’t seem to resonate with that much people, or the site was promoted in the wrong place where the general audience couldn’t care.

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