The motivation behind our project was to help improve the disputes that exist in the MTA. As a student in New York, using transportation is essential, to be able to get to school and to get home. Ever since the creation of our site back in February of this year, our site has gotten incredible viewership. We achieved an amount of 2,000 views, and 35 signatures on our petition on I believe that my accomplices and I were able to address the problems of the MTA and positively affect the MTA. Although, even with our efforts, the MTA has problems that have not been fixed yet, and will hopefully be fixed in the future

Our project was effective regarding the fact that we acquired a lot of viewership. Together, my accomplices and I were able to attain 2,000 views. I believe our site made a change in MTA and brought awareness.

Likewise, our petition on earned 35 individuals to sign, allowing us to engage more on our journey on wordpress. We were motivated by these signatures, which allowed to persevere and continue our blog. Continued work on this project could actually mark a major change in making the MTA better. As a group of 4, if we consistently do what we have been doing, and break even more barriers, the MTA can become a joyride.

Overall, our group was able to round up a total of 2,000 views. We were also able to attain a total of 35 signatures on the petition we created towards the betterment of the MTA. In our opinion, this project was successful, as we were able to gain so much traction and be noticed by such a great amount of people. We could make a drastic change within the MTA.

Some ways that we might have improved our project if we could do it for a second time, is we would spend more time on promoting our website and posting more blogs. I would attempt to go on more popular social media platforms to attract more followers. The site would also have to be regularly monitored.



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