Recently i read “to kill a mockingbird” by harper lee. I think this book was really motivating to read. I say this because each section leaves us wanting to know what will happen next. It is very scary to see what will come between tom robinson, atticus and mr ewell.

The protagonist is Atticus finch. His story is set in alabama, during the great depression. This location is significant because slavery was intense in alabama and after the civil war things and issues were not getting better. Atticus is a white men defending  a black man, Tom Robinson which is rally rare at time due to segregation and jim crow laws . the significance of the setting shifting from atticus’s backyard to the court house is when he was defending tom. At home we understand atticus better, he defends tom at the courthouse but at home he’s defending no one.

Attics faces certain forces and pressures. He is defending a black person ,which he feels he shouldn’t have to “ according to the scene…

The tension rises when tom robinson is pledged guilty in the courtroom. Mayella blames tom robinson for violent actions that were proven wrong.this is said because in the courtroom when the judge asked mayella what side of her face was beaten she said it was the left, tom robinson’s left hand is unavailable, atticus does not give up, he decides to keep up with his ambitions. He believed they can win ne xt time but later on tom died

The falling action resolves the conflict, ewell was eventuLLY KIlled by boo radley. It was atticus vs ewell, ewell vs society,and ewell vs nature.


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  1. Sydney 1 year ago

    Hi Fatumata,

    I really enjoyed your post! I would agree that Atticus is the protagonist in “To Kill a Mockingbird.” However, I would argue that slavery is still intense. I think that in Alabama after the Civil War the issue was more equality. I think there was unfairness and Tom was certainly treated differently because of his skin color. I think that if Tom were white then he maybe would not have been convicted or I think that there would have been more of an investigation.

    Sydney Stephens

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