The abuse of animals in zoos has occurred for years now and not enough attention has been brought to it. Everyday, animals undergo suffering and the idea that this has occurred without the public knowing is shocking and saddening. Although our project has not been very successful, every person counts even if it’s just a few.

This project about animal abuse in zoos has unfortunately not been successful as it has not caught many people’s attention. The most views that discussed zoo abuse only got up to 2 blog post views. Not many people were interested in this particular topic.

Even when it came to social media platforms, this topic did not attract a wide audience. On youthvoices, there were only 3 views that connected back to the 2 views on the blog post. On the social media platform I post on, instagram, the highest amount of likes we’ve received is 7 but 3/7 likes were the group members. The amount of comments that weren’t ours were 2. There was only one person that wasn’t in our class so it’s safe to say, we didn’t attract a very large audience and we weren’t very successful.

As can be seen, this project was clearly not very successful as there were not many views, likes or comments. In order to improve this project, I should’ve posted the same posts on all social media platforms, contacted more people to check out the posts, have an interesting theme and interesting images/featured images. There were solutions available that should’ve been used to attract more attention.


CC BY-SA 4.0 Animal Abuse in Zoos by Mariam is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


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