I started this project with a group of friends to raise awareness for period poverty and the luxury tax that is placed on menstrual products. We wanted to let people know why this tax should be removed for all the women in the world, since so many women are living in poverty and don’t have the money for such products.
My project has not been too successful YET, but we are still trying to improve it. My digital activism project has not been too successful yet, but I can say IT WILL improve. It has not been too successful yet because my most viewed blog post on our blog channel thing has 2 views, and the others in my group also have the most of 2 views. However, I also did not promote that post on any kind of social media. So maybe that has a correlation.
If I don’t promote something, maybe it has more views. I believe that if I promote my petition (To Bleed Or Not To Bleed) on social media more often, then it would have more signatures since more people would see it. In addition, I should have promoted my blog (Luxury Tax Ain’t It) more. If I promoted more on social media, then more people may have visited our blog and we would have gotten more views and possible some comments. In conclusion, our blog was not successful. It had a very little number of views and it had no comments. This shows that our blog wasn’t very popular. In addition, we didn’t receive many signatures on our petition which shows that our petition wasn’t very popular either.
If I had a chance to do it over again, then I would add more images to my blog posts to make them more eye-catching. I would also promote my petition more on social media so that more people could see the petition and people would be more likely to sign it.


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