When this project was first started, our group decided that our goal should ultimately be to have people understand that littering is a big problem, and thus decrease the amount of times people littered, both in NYC and around the world. We knew that it would be very difficult to succeed. However, we decided that we would try our best to achieve our goal. Unfortunately, our project was unsuccessful. We were unable to make an impact on the recognition of littering as a significant problem in our society.

Firstly, our project went terribly because we did not reach a large platform. We only had four people following our blog. We started our project with the goal of reaching many people and impacting their views on littering. However, we were unable to gain a large platform, and did not reach as many people as we had originally hoped. Furthermore, we had even few followers on our social media, which discouraged us because the social media platforms we used were more popular than our blog site, which we thought would help us reach a wider audience. However, because we were unable to attract a large amount of people to support us, we were unsuccessful.

In addition, we were unsuccessful because we were unable to convince many people about the importance of littering. Firstly, our posts got very few views. Our best blog posts got two views at best, which disappointed us because although we did not have many followers, we still hoped that people that cared about the environment might read our blog posts in hopes of finding something they were interested in. However, this did not happen, which displayed that people continued to be indifferent to be littering. In addition, we had only four signers on our petition, which showed us that our message was not important to many people. We could not convince many people to care about littering, and this was evident as our petition was unsuccessful in getting people to promote a solution to stopping littering.

All in all, despite the failure of our project, me and my group members only grew in our desire to protect the environment. We learned that the ways we promoted ourselves were not very successful, and next time we try to make an impact, we will make different choices to ensure our success. For one, we had very few followers. Next time, we will use keywords to attract others to our social media and promote our blog there. In addition, we could not make people interested in littering. Next time, we could use more memes, games, etc. that people enjoy so that we could teach about littering in an entertaining way. Ultimately, we care about the environment, and we are confident someday others will too.


CC BY-SA 4.0 Digital Activism- Sanitation4NYC by Artemis is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


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