“The mother” starts out with this line which basically summarizes what this poem is mostly going to be about by saying “Abortions will not let you forget”. The line after this one basically explains how mothers who aborted remember the children that they aborted. My comment for this line was An abortion is a decision you could make and it causes one life to be taken.An abortion is when a mother chooses to kill her unborn child. This is the starting sentence and my first impression of this was that this poem is going to be about an abortion. It makes me interested in the poem. My big question was, can time heal an abortion and the poem’s answer to this question is No.

The line that also rose a question for me was “You remember the children you got that you did not get.” This line comes right after the first line and it comes before a line that describes how the baby must have looked like in her stomach. A lot of people feel that way. Birth parents probably feel the same way after giving a child away.I feel like the feelings evoked from abortion and adoption are similar. In the sense that in both situations the mother is longing for the child. My question is, what is better? Giving away your child or killing it? The poem answers that question by letting the speaker express how guilty she feels for killing the child and how she regrets it all

The biggest life question that the poem “the mother” by Gwendolyn Brooks rose for me ,  Can time heal an abortion?  The poem’s answer to this question is No because the speaker of it explains her experience with abortion and it seemed like that more time she had to think about what she did, the more she regrets what she did. One of the ways she shows this is by using symbolism. For example she says “return for a snack of them , with gobbling mother-eye.” The speaker is trying to symbolize the way she killed her children. The words return for a snack of them could represent how she killed her children by swallowing some pills. She’s at first explaining how she killed her children and later on goes into detail about how guilty she feels. Her word choice also indicates that she feels guilty for killing her children. The line that indicates this is line 11 “If I poisoned the beginnings of your breaths”. The speaker uses the word poisoned to show that she feels like she killed or ruined the beginning of something beautiful. To poison something is to ruin something. The speaker is now feeling guilty for killing her children. Another line that shows this is line 8 which she says “If I stole your births and your names.” The speaker uses the word stole to specify that she feels like she took away something that wasn’t hers. She feels like she took away their decision to live and made it her own. By this poem my decision of abortion has grown. I decided that time can’t heal an abortion and that decision turned out to be true. The answer is: the more time passes the more you get to think about your actions and the more that you start to regret the decision you made to abort your child.




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