Hello! For my digital activism topic, I chose to do animal-shelters and how to prevent shelter animal abuse and negligence. I feel that although this may not deal with humans, animal lives are just as important as their human counterparts. It is a wide misconception that animals do not have their own rights, and I want to address that they do have rights, and they should not be ignored. In relation to my topic, I decided to make a video comparing no-kill shelters and traditional shelters.

My video discusses the pros and cons of both no-kill and traditional shelters, and how shelter animals are affected by how they work. For example, I mention that no-kill shelters are extremely selective when choosing animals to take in, which results in many animals being turned away from a home. I described this to be a major flaw in this type of shelter, and I wanted to compare it to how traditional shelters accept all animals.

If you want to see more of my content regarding this topic, feel free to check out my blog at:


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