The article, “I’ve Talked with teenage boys about sexual assault for 20 years. This is what they don’t know” describes what boys think and don’t  have enough information about. This article is amazing because the author shows that not enough boys are open to talk about rape and sexual assault, and that they don’t have enough information about it. In my experience, it seems that mostly only females are open to talking about this topic. I loved this article because knowing that some boys have things to say and want to talk about it, is pretty shocking. I liked hearing them give their opinions and reading some things they have to say.

   Rape is not an easy topic for any guys to talk about and be comfortable because it’s not often guys are raped; it’s mostly known for females to be victims. Knowing some boys have questions and opinions about what they think about how a rapist looks, shows they need more education about the topic. For example, a quote I found interesting from the article is, “These boys have been raised to believe that a rapist is a bad guy in the bushes with a gun.”  Which I find crazy because if boys think this is true then they are not educated enough to know that a rapist is more likely to be any guy who is close to you or a stranger who can look completely nice and friendly.

  One passage I found infuriating  was the paragraph that the boys asked a question, “why was the rape victim so upset? The sex only took couple minutes, but she’s depressed for, like a year.”  I think a boy who asks that question is very uneducated about the impact that it can cause in a person life and thinking. Boys are mostly told “ Don’t get her pregnant’. Their parents don’t normally sit down and teach them more about sexual assault and what can be considered rape and what it can cause and the consequences. I think the author mentions that, ”when the boys say these things, the girls in the class are shocked, and the teacher appalled.” As a result, I think that most boys need to be sat down and educated about rape the legal definition and psychological consequences of sexual assault.

    Overall  this article makes me mad knowing that boys don’t have the right mind about rape and don’t know enough about it. I actually did not know that 13% of woman who are raped attempt suicide.  I hope that as a result of more conversations and education about the topic, that incidents of sexual assault become less, and also that more people are educated about it. I strongly believe that boys must be talked to about it too, not just females. Parents should sit with their kids and talk about this topic, even if it is a hard conversation.


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