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Have you enjoyed my video? I hope so because I invested time and effort in it. Here’s more information about my masterpiece. First of all, you should know that the members of my group also created similar videos. That means 3 more presentation! You’ll easily find them posted on our wordpress blog (will be mentioned later). These videos are on the subtopics: things you can donate, the conditions of homeless people on the streets, and homeless people’s perspectives on homeless shelters.

So, let’s focus on my presentation. As you can see, it’s a short video, which means that you only get the most important information (briefly) without all the unnecessary (and boring) details. So what exactly is my video about? It’s about the possible solutions that can be done to minimize homelessness in NYC. I introduced important ideas that can be achieved through officials (ie. permanent supportive housing) and ordinary (i mean awesome) citizens like you (ie. donating and spreading awareness). Homelessness is a very crucial topic that must be solved in order to prevent it from spreading even further, especially in NYC. I believe that homelessness is NYC’s most significant issue because of the expensive living conditions that leave people with limited choices, often leading to their homelessness. Therefore, I created this presentation to go straight to the point—how can we minimize this crisis? The most important thing about this presentation is our ability to actually apply the solutions mentioned.

Three of my classmates and I are working on spreading awareness about the critical issue of homelessness in NYC. Our project is called Helping The Homeless NYC. Please take the time to visit our blog at

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