Laws and History of Marijuana

We at Weeducation made this video, in part to spread awareness of the progress we have made as a country. In the past, it has been evident that false criminalization has led to more people falling under this umbrella of crime, which has caused for many innocent victims to corrupt their lives. The use of marijuana had been viewed as helpful and beneficial through different aspects of life. It was the failure of our economy that caused the people to want someone to blame. Marijuana was looked at as evil, along with alcohol. It makes no sense that marijuana is illegal simply due to the way people perceived it, 80 years ago.

This has been a hot topic among politicians and society especially in America where a majority of the states have reformed their stance on weed. In recent years it has been obvious that much of the country has grown to understand that marijuana is more than just an evil drug. The possibilities are expanded through new technology and discovery that have been proven to support marijuana. Due to the growing legalization of marijuana across America, it is time for New York to do so. The massive reformations are due to people like us, whom we support, shed light on the topic.

The future only holds new chances of marijuana assisting in more than just what it has been found to be useful for today. It would be a dream for New York, New Jersey, and others to listen to our cries for legalization. The fact that they paid attention to our goals is all we could ask for. We are not asking for everyone to go gaga over weed, no that would be extreme to ask for people. However, we wish that they would accept that that the use of marijuana are beneficial and should be treated as a part of our society. They can dislike using it for themselves, but at the very least support the legalization especially when medically it can treat patients.


CC BY-SA 4.0 Johnny Johnny. Yes, Papa. Smoking Weed? by Tyler is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


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