One day our teacher gave us an assignment to start an activist campaign on something that we care about. After much deliberation we still hadn’t chosen a topic. all the topics were either overdone and/or not important to us. We were stumped. Me and my classmates chose to do our activism assignment on Domestic Abuse. This became the perfect solution because although I have had some second hand experience with domestic abuse (something I do not mention in my blog as to respect the privacy of people I love) but we are all outraged by the fact that domestic abuse is still allowed to continue.

There are so many problems in this country and we have to protect the American dream. The American dream is a life of freedom and where if you work hard enough you can achieve anything. The fact that many men and women are in relationships where they are trapped and often lose their lives is barbaric. There should be not only ways for people to escape these situations but harsher consequences for people who ruin peoples lives like this.

To read more about this please support a blog and help bring recognition to this problem and the brave people who speak out against abuse and the injustices in our country.




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