fracking is very harmful to the animals and we should try very hard to change that.

in this video, I talk about what fracking is and how it’s harmful to the animals. we need to take care of our planet and the living organisms on it. if people really wanna change the harm something you can do is click the link all the way at the bottom, to sign the petition we created.

“Fracking releases methane emissions into the environment and pollutes water sources, from which humans and other life can get seriously affected by. In order to slow down this issue, we would like to push for cleaner and less harmful ways to replace this process.”

the waste follows into the water that people and animals drink. This could make people very sick, say you go to the store and you buy beef or you live on a farm and buy it from your neighbor that beef could come from a cow that drank water that was infected, and cow started to get sick and now you just ate that. in a new tab)

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