I found out about the organization, Thorn, through the youtube creator, Kendall Rae. She started a series called “Where Is?” in which she covered missing persons cases and discussed different theories regarding their disappearance. She donated and continues to donate the profit from her merchandise to Thorn, thus prompting me to start a blog in support of Thorn as well. Thorn works towards protecting children from sexual exploitation and trafficking. When I was asked to raise awareness about an issue that was significant for me, Thorn was an immediate choice.

Fortunately, I lack any experience in regards to human trafficking, yet I grew up watching Investigation Discovery which covered many missing persons cases. I always grew up cautious of the worst case scenario, and as a result Thorn became an important organization for me as they develop software that protects children from human trafficking.

It is important to note the legal framework surrounding the issue of human trafficking in the United States is the Trafficking Victims Violence Prevention Act of 2000 (TVPA). This act divides human trafficking up into two categories: labor trafficking and sex trafficking. Sex trafficking consists of the recruitment, harbor, or transportation of a person with the intention of a commercial activity that is done by force, fraud or coercion. It is trafficking if the person engaging is under eighteen. Labor trafficking is recruitment, harbor, or transportation of a person with the intention of subjecting them to toil by force, fraud, or coercion.

On our blog, we provide information such as the legal framework mentioned above. If you are interested the link is, theroseproject.home.blog


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