Parents should inform their kids about the dangers of sex trafficking at a young age. If we do this we can hopefully bring the down numbers of young aged kids being brought into sex trafficking. It’s terrible the things they have to go through, and the numbers are getting higher every year.

It’s very important that kids are aware of sex trafficking at a young age because sex traffickers are targeting the young aged children. An article by a group called YouthSpark stated, “The average age of entry into prostitution being 12 to 14 years old, now is the most crucial time to understand the power of prevention when it comes to this horrific crime.” They talk about how it is ideal to talk to your kids before they’re at that age, but often times your child might not be mature enough before the age of 12. If your child isn’t ready before then it is crucial you talk to them when they are between the ages 12 and 14. This could be a huge step to preventing sex trafficking because kids will be aware of what it is so they know what to look out for on an everyday basis (YouthSpark). A concern though is that parents aren’t very informed on the topic so they need to be informed and do more research before they talk to their kids about it. They can do this by researching online.

There are many dangers to sex trafficking and a lot of the time people are told it’s bad, but they don’t actually know what goes on a lot of the time.  A concern Tina Frundt has that she stated in her article is “Pimps who are trafficking young women and young girls have a great marketing tool: the media. You can turn on the TV now and see pimps glamorized on TV shows, music videos, and movies.” This is concerning because kids today are being desensitized to all the dangers out there and it’s making them easy targets for sex traffickers (Frundt). Another danger with this entire industry is that they’re recruiting other girls through young aged kids. Whenever a pimp gets a girl at a young age they have her invite a friend to a “playdate” and they recruit that way. They use the fact that they’re in school to their advantage. These girls are so mentally abused they would dare not say a word about what’s going on outside of school.

The opposing side to this situation is to make prostitution legal so we don’t have to worry about sex trafficking. Chris Bodenner states in an article, “All laws forbidding consensual sex for pay should be shut down.” He sees it as women who are sex trafficked sometimes don’t admit to what is being done to them because the people they’re being trafficked under tell them that they are breaking a law because they are getting money so it’s a form of prostitution (Bodenner). This is a different perspective on the whole situation. There are some people who do believe if we make prostitution legal we won’t have as many people sex trafficked, but whenever anyone is physically or mentally abused it is considered sex trafficking.

In the end there are many different perspectives on how to tackle the whole situation, but for the safety of your kids they should be aware of sex trafficking. If they’re educated it would help them be more aware and realize the dangers of it. If they are informed we can reduce the numbers of people being brought into it.


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