Author: Mamoon

-Visual Presentation-

I chose this presentation to display all the components of creating new parks and fixing old used up parks. The video contains the “Design Phase” and the “Procurement Phase” where it sums up all the components necessary to build the final finished park. It contains a lot of signing registrations and lots of legal review. There are lots of design meetings and reviews to finish the project. In addition, there are parts where the comptroller’s have to check the designs and the legal reviews to make sure everything is in order. The video also presents what a good park should have. For example, lots of trees and grass, paths for civilians and they should not trash the park.

Another reason why I chose this presentation, because the procedure to make parks enjoyable and safe is a crucial part of the community that goes there. If a park is not safe and does not have enough for the community, then there was no point to build a park because they could’ve just built something more beneficial like a hospital or a huge target for shopping. But, the huge area of space was for the entire community to enjoy and have a physically healthy life.

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