Author: Vanessa

Homeless and their opinions on homeless shelters

Homelessness in America, specifically New York City, is a big problem. The issue has increased over the decade and continues to increase. Why is this? People become homeless for many unfortunate reasons which includes, having a mental illness and unable to keep a home, LGBTQ teens being kicked out of their households, not being able to pay the increasing rent, etc. As a result, people would need to sleep out in the streets. But aren’t there homeless shelters? Yes, there are many shelters spread throughout the city. Why are there still homeless out on the street? I asked myself this question and decided to do some research on it and base my presentation on it.

Many people believe that homeless people would be happy with living in a homeless shelter, cause after all, it is better than living on the streets. But is it? As a matter of fact, some homeless feel safer on the streets. In homeless shelters, they risk their belongings being stolen and this causes them to feel unsafe. On the streets, however, they feel safer cause they believe that no one would take their belongings. Thus, having homeless shelters doesn’t help the homeless entirely. Then how can we reduce the amount of homeless on the streets of NYC? First, I believe that we can still help the homeless by using homeless shelters, however, we would need to make them safer or make it feel like a safe environment, so the homeless would want to stay in the shelter until they get a stable job and are able to support themselves and/or their families.

To inform people more about the homeless in NYC, I have a blog which informs people about the homeless in NYC and how you are able to help the homeless.